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Born in Australia in 1963 I have a career background in community sector mental health and previously in disability advocacy. I am in a permanent de facto relationship and we have one Labrador.

I became fascinated by the history of the Hundred Years War when travelling in France on an historical tour in the mid 90’s. In particular when travelling in Burgundy and learning about the great dukes of the late middle ages. How could a region of France become one of the most influential power players of Western Europe, and how could a Duke be more powerful than the king of France? I have been reading on and off ever since to try and understand this better and this theme will be one of my central subjects. I also love this time because it is the end of feudalism and ushers in the renaissance, making it an exciting time of social and scientific change, and a key step in the creation of the modern western state.

I love history but am not a historian. What I am trying to be is a storyteller and acknowledge the real historians who have given me this story to tell.


  1. Dear John,

    I just finished listening to your very first podcast. It was wonderful. It is full of rich detail and vast, overarching perspective. It is a tremendous introductory episode to your planned epic and sets an inviting and interesting tone that I am looking forward to following. Please consider me a fan.

    Just out of curiosity, do you know yet how many episodes you are going to make? 100 perhaps?


    Tony Materna

      • hundredyearswarman
      • Posted September 19, 2015 at 1:12 am
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      Thanks Tony
      These are just introduction podcasts and I will not start a regular upload for a few months yet. How many? No idea. 100 would be neat but I expect a little less.

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